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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wedding Websites Save Brides & Grooms Time and Money

For the past few years, the Internet has served to assist many brides and grooms in planning their wedding day, finding wedding site locations and wedding vendors, but now more and more couples are seeking to publish their wedding details online, too. A wedding website is a great way for couples to express their personalities, share their stories, and eliminate a lot of time and money doing extra leg work like making phone calls and paying for expensive invitation inserts for additional details like registry information, pre-wedding parties, and location maps or directions.

Many modern brides and grooms are turning to wedding web sites as a way to share information on how they met, provide special announcements to the wedding party and guests, and supply details and information about their wedding day and pre-wedding day celebrations including directions to the wedding site and rehearsal dinner location, bridal shower and bachelor party details, gift registry information and links, local hotel and airline recommendations, and top tourist sites for their out of town guests.

Best of all, with so many new wedding web communities now online you don't need to be a web developer to create your own wedding website. There are many web sites out there that can help you easily create and update your own wedding website or affordable wedding profile with the simple click of a mouse. Surveys have shown that 70 percent of today's brides want to incorporate a wedding website into their wedding planning. Of those who wanted a wedding site, 80 percent were interested in using the website primarily for event details, about 70 percent were interested in publishing their gift registry information, and 25 percent showed an interest in an online RSVP system.

Here are some of the most popular online resources for building your own wedding website: The Knot, Find My Wedding, The Wedding Channel, EWedding, and Wedding Window.

Whatever type of wedding website you choose, from a simple information site to a full narration of your entire wedding event process, a wedding website can save you time, money and valuable energy that you will be grateful to have once you step up to the altar.

About the author:

Cheryln Hawkins is a freelance author and expert on wedding planning.
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wedding Songs To Celebrate The Day

Wedding songs play a vital role during the entire wedding day. Wedding songs helps to create the mood and ambience of the day from start to end. Choosing the right wedding songs can also help heighten the emotional significance of the occasion for a more memorable celebration.

In earlier years many weddings showcased traditional wedding songs. However, nowadays there is no limit to the type of wedding songs that couples can choose to play on their wedding day. Selecting wedding songs is also one of the fun things that couples can do to prepare for their wedding day.

Most couples favor choosing wedding songs that have a significant meaning to them in order to create a more unique and personal ambiance for their wedding day. A song that was played on their first date or songs of the couple's favorite artist are typical selections for wedding songs of many couples.

* A few things to remember when selecting wedding songs

When selecting wedding songs, it is important to take into consideration the venue for the ceremony. Most wedding ceremonies often take place in a church, couples should first check with the minister if there are any restrictions to the type of wedding songs that can be played. Some churches have concerns regarding the kind of wedding songs that should be played during the sacrament of matrimony.

Other venues may not have a strict policy regarding the variety of wedding songs to be played. However it is still a good idea to choose wedding songs for the ceremony that would not turn the occasion into a comedy act. It is best to reserve the entertaining wedding songs for the reception where everyone can cut loose to the music.

Another important factor to consider is the selection of the band or DJ who will play the wedding songs during the reception. Couples with a more traditional wedding theme may opt for a classical ensemble to perform wedding songs at their reception. For an intimate gathering a solo pianist, flute trio or string quartet serve as an ideal choice to play classical wedding songs.

For a more contemporary wedding theme, there are a number of professional bands that cater specifically to wedding receptions. Couples can also choose to hire a DJ to play wedding songs at the reception.

* Planning the wedding songs

Couples need to select a number of wedding songs for different parts of the wedding. There are essentially six parts of the wedding ceremony that would require music. The type of wedding songs for the prelude music is used to welcome family and friends to the ceremony. Happy and festive wedding songs can help set the tone for the entire wedding day.

Wedding songs for the processional of the wedding party marks the start of the ceremony. The songs are meant to usher in the wedding party and to prepare the guests for the entrance of the bride. The bride's processional is the critical moment of the ceremony. Though many would opt for the traditional bridal march, it is also a good idea to select different wedding songs that can make it more memorable.

The interludes are the various moments during the ceremony wherein a number of wedding songs can help enhance the overwhelming emotion of the occasion. Wedding songs during the recessional should be festive to celebrate the official union of the couple. The postlude wedding songs are meant to create a pleasant atmosphere to thank guests for coming to the ceremony.

About the author:

Copyright Dan Chua, All Rights Reserved.

Dan has dozens more wedding information related articles and tips at his site: wedding information, check them out today!
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Homemade Wedding Favors - Pre-Wedding De-Stressing!

Homemade wedding favors are a uniquely personal way to say thank you to your guests for sharing in your special day. This mechanised age has made us long for more personal products, leading to a great choice of wedding favor crafts for the couple who want to use homemade wedding favors to add a more intimate touch to their day. And in the hectic build up to the most important day of your life, homemade wedding favors can afford the ideal opportunity to relax, create, and have some fun.

Homemade wedding favors might get crossed all to easily from the busy couple's wedding plans. With full time jobs and hectic social lives, who wants to add more work to their lot by producing homemade wedding favors?

This might be a valid point for those brides and grooms who aren't naturally creative, but homemade wedding favors can provide a unique opportunity to slow down and enjoy working on creating your special day. Homemade wedding favors allow you to get hands on, and regardless of your ability, the fantastic range of wedding favor crafts available today will offer you the tools to create memorable homemade wedding favors.

But how on earth do you find the time to make your homemade wedding favors? The answer is you make time. Planning a wedding is undoubtedly a stressful time, and without taking some time out, you won't make it to the day in one piece. Using wedding favor crafts to make your own favors allows you reconnect with your planning in a more creative and less stressful way, reminding you of all your wedding day should be about.

Homemade wedding favors are an enormously special way to thank your guests for helping your celebrate this momentous occasion. But there is another side to homemade wedding favors too - so get out the craft box and get working. You'll be ready to get back to that wedding list in no time.

Homemade wedding favors are a great way to say to your guests we thought of you!
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Greek Wedding Favor Almonds - Make Something New of Something Old

Greek wedding favor almonds are a wonderful way to include a long-lived tradition into your wedding day. Whether you choose a traditional ceremony or something more modern, Greek wedding favor almonds can add a sense of continuity to your special day. Rich in symbolism, Greek wedding favor almonds speak to the long heritage of marriage, which you and your spouse are continuing with your own commitment to one another.

Tradition is undoubtedly an important part of any wedding day, whether you choose to follow it or create ones of your own. Regardless of the style of wedding you choose, Greek wedding favor almonds can be the ideal to thank you guests. Reminiscent of the myriad weddings that have gone before, Greek wedding favor almonds are also supremely modern, with their colored candy shells. Greek wedding favor almonds are also a good way to keep those sugar levels stable while your guests are waiting for dinner to be served!

Also known as Jordan almonds, Greek wedding favor almonds are symbolic of life, contrasting the bitterness of the almond with the sweetness of the candied outer shell. Greek wedding favor almonds also capture so much of married life, and recognize that despite the fact there will be hardships, you and your new spouse will always be surrounded with love.

Greek wedding favor almonds are not confined to traditional Greek weddings - in fact, there are many other Greek traditions and symbols that are relevant to all weddings. Another traditional Greek wedding favor is the rose, the symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Representing love and fidelity, a silk or porcelain rose is a lovely way to share Greek wedding favors with your guests.

Whatever Greek wedding favors you choose, you can be sure that you will be bringing tradition to your day in a special way. So celebrate the past by including a traditional favor such as Greek wedding favor almonds, and build your future on a foundation that has endured through the ages.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wedding Planner

Each and every year around 2.5 million weddings take place nationwide. This means that the number of weddings that will take place in your immediate area is astounding. Your wedding plans are going to be affected by number of factors, because many more weddings will happen at or around the same time as your wedding.

If you want even the tiniest little detail to be taken care of at your wedding, it's recommended that you hire a wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner can save you a lot of time and money. The wedding planner will help you coordinate your wedding and the most important of all the wedding planner will save you from frustration.

So, what is a wedding planner anyway, and what does the wedding planner do?

A wedding planner (sometimes called a wedding consultant, wedding coordinator or a wedding producer) is hired to help the bride and groom coordinate a wide variety of tasks associated with their wedding. Planning your wedding can get vary frustrating at times, which on the other hand will make you forget about the fun that you need to have at your wedding. So, it is a good idea to spend a little bit more on a wedding planner to make sure your wedding day goes smooth.

A wedding planner can help plan many aspects of your wedding, including DJs, floral arrangements, cake, seating arrangements, invitations, photography, and so on. In some cases, a wedding planner might be able to use his or her industry connections with vendors to get you a good deal on many things.

The wedding planner will conduct an interview with the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be, and then coordinate the details of the wedding that have been agreed upon. A good wedding planner will be able to assist in organizing, budgeting and purchasing services for your wedding. A good wedding planner after the interview will put a contract together that you and him or her need to sign. Without a contract there's a lot of room for misunderstanding and confusion of what was agreed between you and your wedding planner.

In the contract or often referred to as a letter of agreement, the wedding planner will include the services that the he or she is expected to perform, the cost of these services and the payment terms.

When you receive the contract, if there's anything you do not agree with or anything not to your desire, discuss it with your wedding planner before signing it. When you sign the contract, you and your soon to-be wedding planner have to agree on all of the items listed to avoid any possible misunderstanding. But remember: even though you have been through the interview process, you are not obligated to continue with that particular wedding planner until you sign the contract.

So, how can you find a wedding planner, and not just any wedding planner, but a good wedding planner?

Nowadays, it's probably the easiest to find a wedding planner on the Internet. But, it's best if you know anyone who had had a wedding planner for their wedding. Referrals are always the best.

But, even if you have to seek help from the Internet or the yellow pages, when looking for a wedding planner, be sure to ask for his or her credentials. Ask for references from each of your potential wedding planners and research their past work. Also, ask to see a few other weddings your potential wedding planner has prepared. This will help you make a decision very easily whether you like the style of that particular wedding planner or you need to seek another one. Keep a lookout for the wedding planner you'd like, and don't hesitate to ask family and friends for suggestions.

Some of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner are, of course saving you from frustration; money savings, since most wedding planners have connections in the industry; solving your wedding problems; low stress since your wedding planner is there to pick up the slack should a problem arises.

But, there could also be some disadvantages, such as: overconfident (ego) wedding planner may try to convince you into having a wedding of "his or her dreams" and not the wedding of your dreams. If you're a person who likes to be known or to show off, hiring a wedding planner may not be a good idea as they will be in charge of your wedding. Another disadvantage could be that you may accidentaly hire a scam artist who may not have done any weddings while broadcasting his or her enormous experience. That's why it is vital to do a thorough research on the wedding planners of your interest.

So, how much does a wedding planner cost?

If you hire a wedding planner expect their fee to be anywhere between 5% and up to 20% of your total wedding budget. At the end of the day it will be your decision whether you want to concentrate on the fun that you will have at your wedding while your wedding planner takes care of the details, or you want to be in charge of the details that will make hiring a wedding planner a waste of money.

Have fun interviewing those wedding planners.

About the author:

Steve Dimeck - author and publisher. For most detailed information and extensive resources on weddings, please visit
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hawaian Wedding Favors - Bringing Sunshine to Your Wedding No Matter What the Weather!

Hawaian wedding favors are the ideal way to bring a sense of sunshine to your wedding day. Whether or not you are lucky enough to celebrate your nuptials on an exotic island, Hawaian wedding favors can capture the vacation spirit for your guests to remember forever. Weddings are a time of great celebration - share this feeling with a Hawaian wedding favor.

Hawaian wedding favors aren't just for those celebrating their happy day on the islands. Whether you are basking in the sunshine, or getting married in the midst of winter, Hawaian wedding favors capture the spirit of the celebrations perfectly. Choose from a range of brightly colored favors to bring sunshine to even the coldest winter celebrations.

Beach wedding favors can truly bring a sense of summer to any wedding day, but they are also the ideal finishing touch to your real Hawaian wedding too! Beach weddings capture perfectly the joyous hope of the couple's special day, and beach wedding favors are the perfect way to carry this feeling into even the smallest details.

What better way to remind your guests of the sun drenched beauty of your special day than with Hawaian wedding favors? Choose from a range of inspiring summer-filled tokens that will remind your guests of sunny climes even on the darkest winter day, including tropical candies, and brightly colored pineapple keychains or paper weights.

Hawaian wedding favors also offer a wonderful range of handcrafted gifts, including items made from local produce. Beach wedding favors could include such unique items as coconut bowls, or notebooks made from dried banana leaves. With such varied and unusual possibilities, it is no wonder that Hawaian wedding favors are so popular!

So whether you are having a beach or a winter wedding, Hawaian wedding favors will be sure to bring a sense of optimism and radiance to your special day. Give your guests Hawaian wedding favors, and you can be sure they'll remember your happy day forever.

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